// Main Street Remodel

Remodel of a single family home with 4,100 Sq.Ft. total construction located in North McAllen, TX.  

Most remodels are a big undertaking we all know it. There are just too many unforeseen conditions hidden behind walls and ceilings, but having the right professionals is half the battle. Unfortunately, the balcony was another victim of water intrusion due to poor construct-ability which along with the kitchen started this major makeover. 


Spaces were re-purposed and given a new life like a walking laundry with a dog shower.

One of the main design features is the "whitewash" finish on the existing brick veneer brought life back to an ordinary red brick facade. 

Sustainability Highlights:

1. Attic fully insulated with spray foam with R-value above Code

2. Double pane windows with U-factor above Code

3. Zero VOC paint

4. Kitchen Cabinetry with no Urea-Formaldehyde 

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