// WHY we do

We've found through architecture a channel to make a meaningful difference in people's lives and the city fabric by designing purposeful spaces and with structures that are built responsibly.  We're not conformists, we're in business to challenge the status quo.  Our main goal is to offer unparalleled professional services and to deliver the highest quality product that is economically feasible, socially just and environmentally responsible.  

// WHY design matters

Design is more than aesthetics and/or trends.  Architecture has the unique ability to solve problems through design.  Everything you can think is a result of a need and a problem solved through design.  Good design must result from an extensive collaboration with our clients and stakeholders.  It's not about the architect, contractor, supplier or the's about all the moving parts that must work together to serve the end user.

"Good Design is Good Business"

It has been proven the positive psychological impact well designed hospitals, schools, homes, and offices can have on people.  Purposeful design continues to transform thousands of businesses from giant corporations to small starters all over the world by leading through design! Smart investors and organizations have realized that embedding design into business practices is now a necessity in order to impact the bottom line.


// WHY DeMattos.Design.Develop (DX3)

There are many firms out there who offers, at a first glance, similar services.  Do your homework.  We have combined over 25 years of professional experience working on single family homes to multi-million dollar projects plus another decade of higher academic education.  We advocate sustainability not as a mere ideology, but as an ethical responsibility.  At the end of the day, you want to protect your investment with educated, experienced and reliable professionals who can carry your project until the keys are turned over. 

Let's breakdown:

1.  Single point of communication.

Pickup the phone once. Deal with one party. Sign one proposal.

Our business mantra is to offer a full-service package that includes tailored architectural, interior design and construction services.  However, we will collaborate with your Contractor as long they care as much about well-crafted and well-built spaces as we do. 

2. There's no project too small, unusual, challenging or too far.  

Whether it's designing a building, a master plan, an art installation or a custom piece of furniture, we want to be part of your story. The only thing we ask in return is an open mind to innovative ideas and that you care about design. Design will never cease to improve people's lives despite of scale. 

3. Time, Budget, Quality.

Even if you belong in the wealthy 1% of the world, these 3 factors could make or break any project. It will crumble before your eyes if expectations are not managed properly and discussed openly to make sure your goals are tangible.  We've completed projects of different scopes, sizes, budgets and we understand what it takes to deliver a project on time, on budget, that will last to tell....never compromising on design.  

 There's a story behind every project and we want to be part of your successful story... LET'S TALK!


// WHO are we

DX3, dtimes3

Partners in life and at work, we share the same passion, take pride in what we do and unlike the odds, strike a balance between personal life and work. Our opposite backgrounds bring a diverse cultural, social and technical fuse that's key to our business.


Andre De Mattos

Is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He moved to Florida at the age of 17 where he received his Bachelor's in Architecture from Florida Atlantic University.  He advocates sustainability and is a LEED Accredited Professional who has led several unprecedented LEED projects in South Texas where he currently resides.  

Kelly Nelson 

Born in McAllen, TX, but proudly raised in Mexico. She received her Bachelor's in Architecture from University of Monterrey(UDEM) in Mexico. After several years doing development work in Monterrey, she moved to Miami, FL where she met Andre and worked together for one of the lead design firms in South Florida.  



// WHAT we do

We believe that good architecture is a result of a holistic approach from the first "napkin sketch" to a project photo-shoot. We design spaces tailored to our clients not our egos.  

Here's a snap-shot of the services we can provide based on your project needs:


// Renderings and/or Video Walk-thru

// Conceptual Design

// Construction Documents

// Construction Administration

// Bidding Negotiation & Value Analysis 

// Interior Design 

// LEED Certification

// Design-Build 

// As-Built Plans                         ​                     

// Master Planning                                               

// Programming                                          

// Feasibility Study                                             

// Building Code Analysis                                

// Building Permit, COMcheck, REScheck  

// Complete Kitchen Design & Production*     

// ADA/TAS Compliance

// WHERE are we

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